Drontal Puppy Suspension

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Drontal Worming Syrup for Puppies is a veterinary strength suspension for the treatment and control of roundworms in puppies and young dogs up to 1 year of age.

Containing the active ingredients Pyrantel Embonate 14.4mg and Febantel 15mg, this puppy worming suspension is administered orally and can be given either directly to your puppy using the syringe provided or mixed with feed.


1 ml suspension/kg bodyweight.

It is recommended that treatment should start at 2 weeks of age and be repeated at two weekly intervals until 12 weeks of age.

Drontal Worming Syrup for Puppies is also effective against:


This product is for animal use only and should under no circumstances be administered to any animal other than that which is stated for.

Keep out of reach of children and wash hands after use.

Drontal Worming Syrup for Puppies should not be used simultaneously with compounds containing piperazine and is not suitable for adult dogs or pregnant and lactating bitches.